Skincare 101: The Routine

Last week Kevin Hart posted a video on his Instagram account. He was trying out a sheet mask! He told a jokes somewhere along the lines of you only get one face. Which is so true! Skincare is the bottom line to all things beauty. Your makeup will not lay proper if your skin is not in good shape. Honestly at some point you must begin a skincare regimen. I have been using the same routine for a over year, and it works for me. I have dry, sensitive skin and the products I use are catered to that. I use four easy steps day and night when cleansing my face.

1. Pre-Cleanse.


You must take that first layer of the day off! First layer meaning make-up, sunscreen, and just debris from the day. Typical pre-cleanse products include some type of oil. Oils penetrate the skin and will dissolve any waterproof products. I have tried a few different types of pre-cleanse products but after a long day of full face make-up I reach for a make-up remover wipe of a cleansing balm. My preference is Clinique’s “Take The Day Off” cleansing balm. I love this product! It removes everything effortlessly and doesn’t dry my skin out in the process. I do not pre-cleanse in the morning; I roll right into step 2.

2. Cleanse.


At the very least this is the step you should already do daily. Whether you are using basic bar soap, or you’ve splurged on a facial soap. Lather the facial cleanser or your choice along with warm water. Water too hot will dry out your skin. Cold water may not properly remove the cleanser. I typically use Clinique’s liquid facial soap in extra mild along with my Clarisonic Mia 2. Sometimes I use “Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser”. Although having a Clarisonic or a similar product is not necessity, it definitely aids in removing dirt from you skin. I tend to switch up products to keep my skin from becoming accustomed to a certain product. I find that if I constantly use the same product it loses potency. So every two weeks switch up cleansers to keep things fresh.

3. Tone.


Toning is a necessity because it removes remaining dirt after cleansing. A good toner will balance the PH within the skin and reveal glowing skin. It’s the last step to ensure a clear and clear face. I’ve used a slew of different ones from drugstore to high end. Currently I have Clinique’s “Clarifying Lotion 1”. I actually prefer Lotion 2, but I didn’t discover that until I tried #1. The difference between the two is #1 is formulated for very dry/dry skin types. While #2 is formulated for dry combination. Once I run out of this bottle I will return back to #2. It tingles but in a good way.

4. Moisturize


The the last step in my routine is moisturizing my face. I currently use Clinique’s “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream” or Pond’s “Dry Skin Cream”. Your skin needs moisture to thrive. After manipulating your face with different products you must add moisture back into your skin. I prefer creams over lotions to moisturize; simply because I have dry skin and I need a thicker consistency. During the winter months or on days I have drier skin than usual I’ll add a beauty oil. I love Fresh’s “Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil”! I think the $52 price is a bit much but the results it gives makes it worth it. Lately I’ve been using Josie Maran’s “100% Pure Argan Oil” at night and if I need extra moisture during the day I add Josie Maran’s “100% Pure Argan Oil Light”.

Using the method stated above has helped me achieve healthier skin. I also use my Clarisonic to get a deeper clean when I cleanse but, I do not use it everyday. I have never been one to have problematic skin, but I do have happen to have texture. Occasionally I may have a breakout. I also struggle with psoriasis-skin condition. I strongly advise you discover your skin type then proceed with cocktailing products to figure out what works for you. My methods will not guarantee you healthier skin but they will put you on the path to do so.

-XoXo, B



























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