Say No To Flashback!

As you can tell by the title, today’s topic of discussion is flashback. Flashback in the beauty community is basically when you take a photo using flash and your makeup literally flashes back at you. It can make one appear to have a white cast as the translucent powder residue reflects. Flashback can be a result of many things. Some say it’s the SPF within the foundations or the ingredients in the translucent powder. I personally cannot verify foundations flashing back at me because I’ve never used a foundation before. I only used BB creams (Beauty Balm) and tinted moisturizers; however, I have been a victim of my translucent powder flashing back in pictures.

After trial and error with different products I believe I’ve found a method that works best for me to reduce the occurrences of flashback. First things first, I only apply translucent powders in places where I’ve applied concealer when highlighting. I always apply under the the eyes and chin. Although I highlight my nose and occasionally my forehead, I do not set these areas with translucent powder. In addition to that, I may clean up my contour with translucent powder. I NEVER, by any means, set my whole face with translucent powder! When setting my full face I use MAC’s Mineralized skinfinish in the shade “Dark”. With that being said, I believe the shade of concealer makes a huge difference in flashback as well. Everyone should have concealer in two different shades. One that matches your skin complexion to add coverage and conceal dark spots and another one in one to two shades lighter to brighten areas. I know some ladies like an intense under eye highlight so they typically reach for concealers four to five shades lighter than their skin. If this is your preference by all means carry on. I like more of a natural highlight so two shades lighter is the max for me. After applying concealer it’s time to set. You must always set your concealer with a powder to assist with the longevity of your makeup. Setting with a powder ensures that the concealer doesn’t slide all over your face or crease. This is where choosing a translucent powder comes into play.


Translucent powders can come in many different shades. One of the most popular ones is Ben Nye’s “Banana” powder. “Banana” is popular due to Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist admitting he uses this product on her. It’s a pale yellow shade. Ben Nye didn’t just stop there; he created an array of shades in this powder. My favorite translucent powder by far is Ben Nye’s “Topaz”. It comes in a more warm, golden color. Another cult classic is Laura Mercier’s “Loose Setting Translucent Powder”. It comes in a ivory shade. Then there is RCMA’s “No Color Powder” which is a stark white. I’ve learn to say no to translucent powders with no pigment because of my skin complexion. It’s important for me to have a pigmented powder if I want to bake under the eye. The RCMA powder has definitely given me flashback after setting and baking. Translucent powders aid in lightening as well as concealers. So, if you’re using a concealer four to five shades brighter than your skin and using a pale or colorless powder expect flashback to occur. You must find a happy medium with the products you use. Analyze where you are in the color spectrum and go from there. I realize everything is not for everybody but this what works for me. Let me know your process or tips and tricks to avoid flashback.

XoXo, B






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