MAC: Prep + Prime Lip

When I have off days from my job I like to play in makeup. These are typically the days I test new products and rediscover old favorites. Yesterday was no different. I ordered new eyeshadows from ColourPop last week and I was thrilled try them out. Also, I am getting tanner by the day so I am trying to figure which foundations/BB creams still work for me.

I sat at my vanity and created and simple look for the day. Mauve colors on the lids with warm browns in the crease. I went through my lipstick drawers in search for a bold lip. I hadn’t worn a MAC liquid lipstick in awhile so I settled on the shade “High Heels”-it’s a limited edition shade from the Newton Helmut collaboration. This shade is a bright red which I love! I wanted to tone it down a bit so, I lined it with MAC’s “Cyber World” lip liner.

First, before I even applied lipstick I used MAC’s Prep + Prime lip. I always use this lip primer before I apply any of MAC’s liquid lipsticks. Strangely enough I do not use this primer with any other lipsticks; not even MAC’s normal lipstick bullets. This primer is suppose add moisture to the lips while reduce feathering of lipsticks. I definitely find this to be true alongside the fact that it adds to the longevity of your lipstick.

I finished my makeup by 1:00 pm yesterday afternoon. I ran errands all day and didn’t have to touch my makeup once. Seriously, I had a trenta “Strawberry-Acai” refresher after I went to the cleaners. A slice of cool cake after walking around the mall. At 6:22 pm I ate hot wings for dinner. After 7:00pm we followed dinner with eating frozen custard under the shade. My lipstick lasted through it all! I have to give the props to this lip primer. Liquid lipsticks are known to last longer than regular lipsticks but, usually separate once you eat something greasy. Must I repeat it lasted through hot wings?

After yesterday this lip primer will be a staple. I have definitely been sleeping on it’s magically powers and I will use it with all my lipsticks now. No more carrying around my lipsticks. MAC’s Prep + Prime Lip retails for $17.50 and it’s totally worth it if you lipstick the regular. I suggest you buy yours today. If you have used this product before please comment down below!

XoXo, B


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