SUMMER: Top 3 Lipsticks

“Summer, summer, summertime”. Although we’ve been experiencing hot weather for weeks now; today is the first official day of summer! I figured I’d commence summer properly by sharing my beauty favorites for this season. For the first 5 days of summer I will share my top 3 beauty favorites from different categories. And since lipsticks are my favorite beauty product of all time; I think we should begin there.

MAC- Barbecue ($17.00)

Spring is now long gone and so are corals! It’s time to bring the heat of summer and transition from soft to hard core. “Barbecue” is a matte shade by MAC Cosmetics described as a vivid orange red. This shade puts is a twist on the classic red and it packs a punch. It’s not too red and it’s not too orange; definitely the perfect mix of the two colors. Once upon time this was a limited edition lipstick but, it’s back now in standard MAC packaging. I typically pair this lipstick with MAC’s  “Brick” lip liner for the perfect bold lip.

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Madison ($20.00)

This liquid lipstick is described as a vibrant plum magenta. This shade screams summer to me and if you are tan or of a deeper complexion you need this. It’s simply stunning! I do not need a liner with this shade either. But if you must have one I’d suggest MAC’s “Cyber World” or “Nightmoth” for a ombre effect. Also with it being a liquid lip you can wear this to the pool and worry about your lipstick smearing everywhere in the heat.

MAC- Pink Pigeon ($17.00)

It’s described as bright cleanest pink. This pink is bright but, it’s definitely warmer than “Candy Yum-Yum”-another MAC lipstick. which makes it perfect for the warmer months of the year. I pair “Vino” lip liner alongside this lipstick to make it more wearable but, you don’t have too.

This completes my top 3 lipsticks for summer. Please comment down below your top lipsticks for summer. Thank you for reading!

XoXo, B


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