SUMMER: Top 3 Prep and Set

I am back again to share another top 3. It is the fourth day of summer and today I’ll share my top prep and set products. By prep I mean primers and by set I mean setting sprays. During the summer months everyone sweats; whether you have oily or dry skin. So to ensure the longevity of your makeup you must prep and set. I personally have dry skin but after a day of running errands while being in and out of the sun these products save me!

BECCA: Backlight Priming Filter

I have been using this primer for months! I like having a subtle glow and this primer gives just that. It is simply amazing underneath BB Creams and makes your skin appear to be glowing from within. I reach for it when I want a more dewier look. It claims to blur imperfections but I haven’t noticed any of that. After hours of wear my makeup still looks amazing. I never produce enough oil to blot so that’s not something I am accustomed to doing. It retails for $38 which to me is quite pricey but, it’ll take forever to go through a full sized bottle.

Milani Prime Shield: Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing

Yes I have dry skin and yes I am use this mattifying primer! During the hotter days I do not set my overall face with powder because I feel like it’s too heavy. So having a mattifying primer pretty much sets my face for the day. I also have a Tarte foundation that is makes my skin uber dewy and this helps reduce the shine. If you are and oily girl I’d definitely say give this primer a go. It retails for $9.99.

MIlani: Make It Last Setting Spray

I searched high and low for this setting spray. It was always in and out of stock before I could get my hands on it. The bottle is also smaller than I thought it would be-it has 2.03oz of product. Which I guess the positive is it’s perfect size for traveling. This setting spray is absolutely amazing! It sets your makeup for life! It has a 16 hour claim which I have never tested out. But I worn it for 10 hours and my face didn’t budge one bit. It still looked the same as it did when I first applied it. It also claims to prime and correct. Not sure how true that is either. Alcohol is the second ingredient listed therefore, it took a lot of it to produce this spray. So I am hesitant to use this on my bare face as a primer. It retailed for 9.99 when I purchased it from CVS but, the price has increased a bit to $10.49.

This concludes my top 3 prep and set products for summer. Please comment down below some of your favorites.

XoXo, B



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