SUMMER: Top 3 Highlighters

So you are probably wondering where is my beauty favorites post for June. Well, I do not have one! Honestly for the month of June I did more shopping for makeup rather than wearing it. A close friend of mines attended “The Makeup Show” in Chicago and bought me back over $200 worth of products; that I have yet to really dig into. With that being said I have no real favorites other than the products I shared last month and the products listed in my top summer favorites series.

I actually owe my readers (YOU) one more post to add to my top summer favorites series. I only wrote four and I promised five. So here I am ready to share my top 3 highlighters for summer. Typically in the summer I reach for more gold highlighters. I just think gold looks best on tanned skin. I am a huge fan of the bronzy, dewy looks that everyone craves during the summer. Without further ado; let’s begin!

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder- Jackie Ania: La Bronze

This product was limited edition and since I bought no backups I am forced to use this sporadically. But, since summer has arrived it been something that I’ve reached for more than once. I have actually been layering it-not that I need to- with MAC’s lustre drops in “Bronze Hero”. The combo has literally been life changing! Not only do I place it on the high points of my face but on my shoulders as well. When wearing off the shoulder tops; it adds a beaming glow to my exposed skin. La Bronze is a nice rose gold shade that is perfect for summer. Because it comes in a powder form you can mix it in with a body oil for a radiant glow all over. I am deeply saddened by it being limited edition hopefully Jackie Ania will collaborate with Artist Couture again and we will get another magical product. I did write a full review on this product; feel free to read it next!

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator- Gilded Honey

I know this illuminator is like a cult favorite and I must admit I slept on it. I was definitely late getting my hands on it. I actually bought it in a set alongside “Balleria” and “Peach Glow”. I had never tried any of Laura’s illuminators before and figured this would be a great way to test more than one at a time. Gilded Honey is an absolute true gold. This highlighter would look great on anyone regardless of their complexion. It’s super pigmented with just one swipe but, for an intense glow it can be built up. Thank god this highlighter is permanent so, I can always go back for more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit- 143

I love every highlighter shade in this palette but, for summer it’s all about “143”! Of course it is another gold shade but it’s sorta bronzy. Definitely a deeper gold than Laura’s “Glided Honey”. I do not think it’s suitable for all complexions to wear as a highlighter. Fairer complexions may opt to wear it as a eyeshadow or on top of bronzer. Maybe even cocktail it with other highlighters in this palette. But, there are NO real rules in makeup so do you boo! On tan to deeper complexions this shade is a dream. Just like all of the other Glow Kits this highlighter is crazy pigmented. I apply it to all the high points of my face using the ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) A23 brush. I absolutely love using this brush for highlights. This palette is still available online at although it is limited edition. I suggest you add it to your cart! I did a full review on this palette as well. Feel free to real it next.

That completes my top 3 highlighters for summer. Please share down below in the comments your top highlighters for this season. Thank you so much for reading!

XoXo, B




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