Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation: For Dry Skin

Hey girl, hey! I am finally ready to share my thoughts on the Huda Beauty “#FauxFilter” foundation. I really wanted to wear it more than once before I started spilling all my tea. So every time I sat down at my vanity I used this foundation. Yes this foundation has been out for a little while now and the hype around it has simmered down. But I haven’t seen a single review from a person with dry skin. So I figured my perspective was needed. Without further ado let’s begin!

First things first let’s discuss the price. The #Fauxfilter foundation retails for $40 which pushes this product to the higher end of the spectrum. This should comes as no surprise because many of her items are rather pricey. Each bottle has 1.18 fluid ounces of product therefore, you are receiving a tab bit more than the standard(1oz). The foundation comes in a velvet textured box with “Huda Beauty” engraved on it. Contrary to her standard packaging-with her face or eyes adorned on the box- it’s rather plain but sleek. The foundation itself  is housed in a semi frosted plastic bottle with a pump. Yes, I repeat a plastic bottle. For $40 I definitely expected more-even drugstore foundations have glass bottles. This may be more of a pro rather than a con for you if you have shattered foundation bottles before. But, for me I am unimpressed.

The #FauxFilter foundation comes in 30 shades which is a good start into complexion products. Huda expressed how she has a olive complexion with a golden undertone and constantly struggled finding her perfect shade. Her end result was always mixing two foundation shades together. Therefore it was important to her for the foundation to be inclusive. The shade range is broken down into five categories (fair, light, medium, tan and rich) in which there are six foundation shades to each category. The undertones are labeled as B (beige), N (neutral), G (golden), and R (rich). To assist you with picking your shade Huda created a shade comparison guide–click here to see the guide. I ended up using the guide to guess my shade since it was not being sold at a nearby Sephora for me to swatch in stores. I choose “Chocolate Mousse 450G” because it was suggested by the guide and it’s similar to Fenty Beauty’s 420.

According to the Sephora’s website the #FauxFilter foundation gives both a full and medium coverage. It also claims to be great for all skin types while providing a satin, matte and radiant finish. It’s suppose to give you the ultimate filtered appeal while concealing blemishes. Girl… At this point you may be wondering how is this possible? I wondered the same exact thing.

My experiences with this foundation proved to me that only a few of the claims were true. This foundation has medium coverage that can be built up to full. Although it does cover blemishes it didn’t give me a instant filtered look. Lastly, this foundation is absolutely matte! There is no satin or radiant finish to the Fauxfilter foundation. Since I do have dry skin and this foundation did have a matte claim; I had to prep my skin accordingly. For me I had to make sure I really was moisturizing my skin during my daily routine. Also I had to break out my Smashbox primer oil and leave all setting powders alone. Normally, this would be the answer and all would be good. But, unfortunately it simply was not enough. I even added  another primer by Laura Geller (Spackle Supercharged) on top for extra moisture. while it made things a bit better; my skin still got more dehydrated as the hours went by. After removing this foundation I did experience redness and breakouts. The foundation does have a strong rose smell. I believe the fragrance triggered my sensitivity and assisted with the breakouts.

Honestly, this foundation is just a big no for me. I really wanted love it based off the reviews I seen and the claims on Sephora’s website. I do own matte foundations regardless of me having dry skin. The Fenty Beauty foundation has a matte finish and I haven’t endured any dryness like I did with #Fauxfilter. I am really annoyed with how this foundation was advertised on the Sephora’s website by checking off all the boxes. If you have tried this foundation please comment down below and tell me your experiences! Thank you so much for reading!

XoXo, B


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