To Buy Or Not To Buy: Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

Hello Darlings! Last week Tarte announced they were adding to the Shape Tape family by releasing a “Shape Tape” foundation. This foundation would be the the follow up to their number one best selling concealer. It was set to come out with two different formulas (hydrating and matte) in a whopping 15 shades. I was uber excited and I immediately put reminders in my phone. I like Shape Tape concealer just as much as the next person but it tended to be a bit drying under the eyes. Which is why I was happy to know that there’d be a hydrating formula option to the foundation. While the matte formula is basically like the concealer. This foundation retails for $39 and is available now on Tarte’s website.

As the week carried on I got less and less excited about this launch. As I stated the before, the foundation would be released in 15 shades. Which at first doesn’t seem too bad because Tarte isn’t know for having 30-40 shades of foundation anyway. I do own Tarte’s “Empowered Hybrid Gel” foundation-which is apart of the Double Duty line as well as Shape Tape-and there is not a huge amount of shades in this foundation but there are a few shades darker after mine. I am not the darkest shade! Unfortunately, that ball was dropped during the creation of the Shape Tape foundation.

Shape Tape foundation comes in 15 shades but 13 of them are beige! After several photos were released for promo and many people were disgusted with the range of shades; Tarte expressed that they were creating an additional 5. I do not understand why the launch of this foundation couldn’t be postponed until all the shades were mastered. Nobody was expecting this foundation to come out until they started giving hints and sneak peeks. Tarte was doing nobody tanned a favor with rushing this launch. Why wait for an uproar to state your plans of expanding the range? Why must we be an after thought?

Many influencers of darker complexions received the foundation in PR and showed them attempting to make it work but many failed. I figured after the launch of Fenty Beauty; that in 2018 we would no longer have complexion issues within the beauty community. I figured everybody would be aware that all people deserve to buy makeup that suit them. No one should have to buy two bottles of foundation to create a concoction of their shade. At this point I think it’s down right discrimination. Brands should strive to be inclusive!

I was so eager to buy this foundation online when it launched with Ulta but it doesn’t seem like there’s a shade for me. I am so turned off that I don’t think I’d even buy this foundation whenever(or if) my shade is created. I am not trying to bash Tarte but, somebody in the board meeting should have said something. I will continue to use the current Tarte products I own. But I will definitely think twice before I purchase any new of theirs. I realize how expensive complexion products may cost to create but, the Shape Tape concealer has brought in tons of money. Especially because the price went from $24 to $27. Tarte has the money to create whatever they want and regrettably this time it wasn’t anything for people of color.

Thank you so much for reading! Please share your thoughts below. Will you be purchasing this foundation?

XoXo, B


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