SEPHORA Collection #Lipstories

Hi Darlings! I have a real life addiction to lipsticks! I am always in the mood for a good lippie. Last month Sephora released a whole collection of lipsticks called “#Lipstories”! These lipsticks are apart of the Sephora collection so, of course they are super affordable. I have tried a few items from the Sephora collection before and I’ve never had a problem with the performance. Although these launched last month I just got my hands on them last week. And I am so excited to share my thoughts on them with you!

First off these lipsticks retail for $8! I think these are the most affordable thing in the whole store! They come in 40 different shades and 3 different finishes-cream, matte, and metal. Sephora says “This is lipstick for real life, not just the ring lights”. Every lipstick in this collection has a story; hence the collection’s name #Lipstories. There are 10 different stories (Holidaze, Lady Business, Global Citizen, Hashtag Throwback, Wifed Up, Spring Break State Of Mind, Brunch Days, Top Down Life, Festival Vibes, and Pool O’Clock) with lipsticks to coordinate with each story/theme. Sephora has taken this collection to social media in a big way. If you log onto Instagram and type in #lipstories you’ll see real people rocking their lipsticks while creating their own stories. I think this was super creative of Sephora’s behalf!

I swatched damn near the whole collection on my hands. I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone and get shades that I normally would not get. Somehow a mauve shade still managed to get in my cart but, nonetheless I am ecstatic about the lipsticks I chose. Many of the ones I wanted were sold out so, I definitely plan on going back for more. The packaging is a super colorful cardboard tube. I love the packaging because it coordinates with the themes and the lipstick names. However it is rather flimsy so you’ll need to be careful. But, remember the lipstick only $8! Sephora had the cut down cost and thankfully they didn’t cut corners with the formula.

The formula for these lipsticks is simply AMAZING! Each lipstick is so creamy regardless if it’s matte, metal or cream. With one swipe they glide on with full opaqueness and they are very comfortable to wear. The matte ones go on shiny but after 10 minutes or so they dry down to a matte finish with a slight sheen. I put the lipstick to the ultimate test by wearing it to work and it wore beautifully. I worked a 9 hour shift where I ate and drank throughout the shift. The lipstick lasted throughout the whole shift with no touch ups and this lipstick was a cream finish. For $8 the quality is definitely there and I have not a single complaint.

I picked up six out of the forty shades. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lipstick from each story nor finish but, I plan to. My favorite shade so far is “First Class”! It’s a beautiful vibrant orange! Although I do own orange lipsticks they are all red oranges. This lipstick will be a staple for me during the spring and summer months.

“First Class” (matte): A vibrant orange

“Spring Break” (cream): A dusty mauve

“Take A Bite” (matte): A true coral

“Love Love” (matte): A greige

“Matinée” (cream): A rosy brown

“Twolips” (matte): A bright hot pink

Thank you so much for reading. Have you tried any of the #Lipstories lipsticks? Comment down below your thoughts and your favorite shade. Until next time..

XoXo, B


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