PHILOSOPHY: Renewed Hope In A Jar

Finally! I have nearly finished this moisturizer by Philosophy. I have been counting down the days to when I would finally finish this product and it seems to be any day now. I bought this moisturizer late spring of 2017. It was a weekly wow at Sephora and I had just finished my Ole Henriksen’s “Sheer Transformation”. I was definitely in the market for a new moisturizer and with it being on sale I decided to give it a go. I really did enjoy the “Sheer Transformation” but, I just wanted to try something new. The “Renewed Hope In A jar” moisturizer normally retails for $39.00 in a 2oz jar but, due to the sale I paid only $19.50.

Of course I read several reviews on this moisturizer before purchasing it. I have super dry skin and while Philosophy does offer a formula for dry skin it wasn’t the best according to the reviews on Sephora’s website. With that being said I opted for the original which catered to all skin types. This moisturizer even received an award by Allure Magazine in 2015 for best of beauty. Philosophy claims this moisturizer combats dryness, dullness and uneven texture. Texture is another skin struggle that I have! According to Sephora’s website it’s formulated to refine texture for smaller pores and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Your skin is suppose to look supple and radiant all day long. The expectations for this product just got higher and higher.

Unfortunately, I was let all the way down! None of the claims held true for my skin. You may be wondering why did I use it for so long if I didn’t see any results. Firstly, I realize skincare is a process. You never use a skincare product once and get 100% of all of the benefits and wake up perfected. You have to give the product time and I gave this moisturizer several months. I still struggle with texture and my face never appeared dewy due to this product alone. I didn’t feel as if it nourished my skin. Because I did invested time and money into this product I decided to finish the jar and never look back.

I bought a couple different simple facial oils to assist the moisturizer in actually moisturizing my face. That alone is what made this product tolerable. I own a few cleansers by Philosophy and I love them! Sadly this product is a no for me and I do not recommend buying it if you have dry skin. However, Sephora does give samples so I’d suggest you try before you buy; if you are truly interested.

Please comment below if you have tried “Renewed Hope In A Jar” before and let me know your thoughts. Also, let me know what is you favorite moisturizer! Thank you so much for reading!

XoXo, B


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