Quarterly Beauty Favorites: January-March

           I could not allow April to end without me sharing my beauty faves from the past few months. At the end of last year I decided that I would no longer post monthly favorites. I simply didn’t have a lot of products from month to month. Most times I would’ve only used a product once and then the month would be over. While I may have liked it; could it really be considered a favorite after one use?

         No. I like to use products multiple times before I declare it to be IN or OUT. That’s how I like to do my reviews. I want to be as detailed as possible when I share about a product. Therefore, unless it’s labeled as a “First Impression”; know that I’ve tried that product on several occasions. With that being said doing quarterly favorites gives me more time to try out products. Without further ado let’s begin.

BareMinerals: Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer $21.00

          I have dry skin 365 days out of the year and during the winter it somehow manages to get even drier. It seemed placing concealer under my eyes, and other areas I highlight with concealer, dried my skin out even more. First, I attempted to stop setting the concealer with powder -in the colder months I typically ditch powders anyway. Then I tried using a thicker eye cream but that didn’t last long because it was simply too heavy. Next I opted to use a heavier hand with my facial oils. This actually worked but, cause the concealer to move around a lot more and crease.

       Finally I looked at all the concealers I had been using and realized the were all pretty much on the matter side of things. I had no real moisturizing or creamy concealers. I stumbled across this BareMinerals concealer at Ulta on sale. I figured it would be just what I needed and it was. This concealer is super hydrating for the under eye. I experienced no dryness, creasing, or caking and I was able to set it lightly with powder. Although it is kinda pricey ($21) and it only offers six shades (rolls eyes); it does everything it claims to do. I use the shade “Tan”. I’d recommend this concealer if you have matured skin or suffer from dry under eyes.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Concealer $20.00

       I love this concealer for carving out my eyebrows. I typically only get my eyebrows done like once a month. Sometimes I may even go longer if I am trying to grow them out from a bad wax/thread experience. This concealer saves me from not looking like a hot mess. It comes in a pot that’s similar to the dip brow pomade and a little goes a long way. I am nowhere near finishing this product and I use it every time I wear makeup. I have used this concealer to spot conceal as well as highlight. However I prefer it best for the eyebrows because it is on the thicker side and you’ll have work harder to blend it out. I have an array of shades because I love it so much but, I mostly use 5.0 or 6.5.

NARS: Powermatte Lip Pigment $26.00

           I love the longevity of liquid lipsticks and NARS has one of the best formulas by far. Do not confuse the Powermatte with NARS’s other liquid lipstick-the lip glides. These actually dry down to a nice matte finish and literally last forever. I have a handful of different shades but I found myself reaching for “Slow Ride” the most. It’s described as a soft brown pink; while on my complexion I believe it pulls more brown than pink. I typically paired it with MAC’s “Chestnut” lip liner for a 90’s feel. I live for this lip combo and if you have a medium to dark complexion I urge you to try it out. I agree $26.00 can be a lot of money for a liquid lipstick however NARS is a luxury brand and the quality it definitely there. I’d suggest you wait for some type of sale and then get your hands on one or two.

MAC: Fix + $26.00

          MAC Fix + is an absolute cult favorite. Everybody seems to either have it or had it in their collection at one point. I use this spray to take away the powdery look from the initial makeup application. I use this spray to amp up shimmery eyeshadows on my lids. Also use it for a bit of hydration during the day whether I have makeup on or not. Fix + is truly a multipurpose spray and I will continue to purchase it.

BeautyBlender $20

     Over the past couple of months I have fallen in love with using the BeautyBlender to blend in my foundation. I typically only used them to blend out concealer and apply powder but those days are over. I use the BeautyBlender for all thing complexion. It helps my face retain moisture and it blends my makeup out like a dream. I know I am late to the party but I am here now and I never want to leave. If you don’t own a BeautyBlender order on now or sponges aren’t the same.

BeautyBlender: Blender Cleanser Solid $16.00

      Since I am using the BeautyBlender more often I definitely find myself cleaning it more often. Honestly I feel like nothing else cleans it better than the Blender Cleanser itself. I happen to prefer the solid over the liquid because it seems to clean it more efficiently. Although I have been using the liquid version to cleanse my brushes and it works pretty well. The solid will be a staple product for and it’s travel friendly.

Morphe: 508 Brush $4.00

      For the past few months I have really been trying to master cut creases. I believe I have gotten extremely better but I definitely still have work to do in perfecting it. I use this brush to carve/cut the crease with concealer. It’s small so it’s great for detailed work and it’s also rather stiff so I can be precise with my lines. Morphe markets this brush for smudging but I’ve never used it in that matter. If you are struggling with cut crease give this brush a go.

Yes ToCoconut: Micellar Cleansing Water

      I have pretty much stop using makeup wipes. Mainly because they dry out quickly and I haven’t really found any that I am in love with. CVS brand has a great one but, I don’t live near a CVS so they aren’t easily accessible. Therefore in a search for a alternative I stumbled upon this and I am in love. Although, I still follow up with soap and water it takes off all of my makeup effortlessly. I have no complaints. I’ve used a couple different micellar waters and this is by far my favorite one. Besides the product itself being great; the packing is everything. It has a pump which I think is super innovative. You simply press you cotton pad against the lid and products comes out. No fuss. No mess. I urge you to try this product out if you are into micellar waters or just want to give makeup wipes a break.

    This concludes my favorites for the first quarter of the year. Please comment down below with your favorites or if you have tried any of these products. Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to you reading my next post.

XoXo, B


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