May Beauty Favorites

Hello world! Another month has come and gone and summer is near. May was a month full of lessons for me. I am trying to transition to YouTube! All of May I collected equipment to finally make my debut. So, once again I must apologize for my absence. But I am definitely back and I have several topics to discuss in the near future so stay tuned! Without further ado let’s begin with my favorite products for the month of May.

1. MAC Fix +

For the month of May; I found myself wanting to look dewy and fresh. Fix + has saved the day several times. I’ve used it before and after makeup application. It definitely takes away the powdery look and gives my skin a natural sheen. Fix + has an array of different things you can use it for. I definitely suggest you picking up a bottle for the summer!

2. MAC Extra Dimension Blush

MAC released a brand new formula for blush in April. These blushes were apart of the “Extra Dimension” line along with 3 Extra Dimension Skinfinishes. I love the formula and wear of these blushes. Also they can act as a blush topper or highlighter as well. I have them in 2 shades-“Hard to Get” and “Wrapped Candy”. But “Wrapped Candy” is definitely my favorite. MAC describes it as a “plum” but in my eyes it is pink. These blushes are permanent so I am not in a rush to get them all. But, I don’t think I will buy too many more due to some colors almost look identical upon swatching. Either way they are bomb and there’s a color for everyone! They retail for $28.00.

Trader Joes Enrich Moisturizing Face Lotion

I am still on the road to better skin! I am slowing realizing that I need a facial moisturizer with sunscreen in it to protect my face. I don’t want wrinkles or any extra signs of aging. So, besides drinking water I need some sunscreen. Thanks to Vogue Magazine I discovered this lotion last summer but, really started putting it into effect this month. I squirt a nickel-sized drop into my palm and add two drops of Argan oil. I add oil because I personally think it spreads better on my face. Also, I have dry skin so it seals in the moisture. If you are like me; I suggest you head over to Trader Joes. This lotion was rather inexpensive.

Philosophy Mircodelivery Exfoliating Wash

I bought this during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty and I fell in love. I used this product twice a week to exfoliate and my skin always feels so smooth after. This scrub is very gentle for the skin; like all of the rest of Philosophy’s products. If you are in the market for a new facial scrub try this one.

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish

As I stated earlier MAC made the Extra Dimension Line permanent. They re-released some old shades of the Extra Dimension Skinfinishes. “Superb” and “Oh Darling” were cult favorites and everyone begged MAC to make them permanent. MAC answered those long awaited prayers and they are here to stay along with “Glow With It”-a new shade MAC created. I have been using “Superb” literally every time I do my makeup. It is a subtle glow but, can be built up to blind traffic if needed. I say these are worth a trip to your MAC counter. They retail for $33.00.

This concludes my May beauty favorites. Share your thoughts down below if you have tried any of these products. Or tell me what were you beauty favorites for the month of May. Until next time.

XoXo, B


Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Today (March 3rd) is the official launch date of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ new Glow Kit! I am a huge fan of the Glow Kit series and I have all of them with the exception of two-“That Glow” and “Moonchild”. This particular kit is a collaboration with Nicole Guerriero. She is a beauty guru and is sort of a big deal on YouTube. She has been creating content on YouTube for 7 years. I am not an avid viewer of her channel but, I’ve enjoyed the few videos that I’ve watched of hers. This Glow Kit retails for $40.00 and is a Sephora exclusive. Today it can be bought online at and Anstasia’s website too. I was able to get my hands on this baby early because for 48 hours-2/26-2/27- it was available for sale on the Sephora app. Plus I have the flash shipping so it was set to get here in here in 2 days. It will be available for sale in all Sephoras on March 15th!

This kit is housed in the same packaging as all the rest. A hard textured cardboard encased in a sleeve without a mirror. I think the packaging is pretty durable and I’ve never had an issue before. Unfortunately these are not able to be removed unlike most of the Glow Kits. The format of this kit reminds me of the Ultimate Glow Kit that was released this past holiday season. It has six pans of highlighters instead of the original 4. I think this is great because it gives you more options to glow. The combinations are endless with this kit. You can wear each shade alone of cocktail to create a glow of your own. Nicole states that these also can be used as eyeshadows. I haven’t tried it as an eyeshadow yet although I did pop “Forever Lit” in the inner corners of my eyes. It lasted through my entire 10 hour work shift and I was amazed. At first I was unsure of how well this kit would perform because the first application was a struggle. I swear the the pigmentation was just not coming through with the shade “Kitty Kat” and I even used Anstasia’s A23 brush. But once I rubbed the overlay off I fell in love. Currently my favorites would have to be “143” and “Forever Lit”!

With this Glow Kit being a collaboration it is deemed limited edition. I suggest you get this kit if you are a collector or a fan of Nicole. I honestly feel like anyone can use this kit. Especially because it can serve as multiple things. Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments!

XoXo, B


MAC Viva Glam: Taraji P. Henson

Every year MAC collaborates with a celebrity for their “Viva Glam” series. The celebrity creates products-typically a lipstick and lipglass- to help promote AIDS awareness. The amazing thing about Viva Glam is that 100% of the proceeds go to MAC’s AIDS fund. This fund directly helps men, women and children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. I think it’s the greatest thing in the world! I’ve been buying Viva Glam limited edition products since 2013 and I haven’t missed a collaboration since. MAC also has like 6 Viva Glam lipsticks that are permanent. So you can always contribute to their fund.

This year the spokesperson is Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollet! I couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration. This duo acts as mother and son in the hit show “Empire”. Taraji has played several different roles besides just being Cookie in Empire. “Hidden Figures” was her most recent movie. I honestly haven’t seen Jussie in many productions outside Empire. Nevertheless, he’s still an amazing actor.

MAC describes her matte lipstick shade as a bright fuschia and the lipglass as a rich fuschia with pink pearl. The packaging is a bright pink bullet mimicking the lipstick shade. While the lipglass has a matching bright pink top. Both products have Taraji’s signature embossed on them. I think this shade of pink will look flattering on every skin tone. I use MAC’s lip liner in the shade “Vino” to tone it down but, it totally can be rocked without a lip liner. The lipglass is incredibly pigment and beautiful on it’s own. Together this pair is stunning and looks magical on the lips!

Both the lipstick and lipglass retail for $17.00. You can find Viva Glam products everywhere where MAC Cosmetics is sold. I purchased mines online from Nordstrom. You should definitely stop and buy one of these products or both. Consider it paying it forward because you’re donating to an incredible cause. Comment below if you’ve already snatched these up.

XoXo, B
Taraji Viva Glam lipglass

Taraji Viva Glam lipstick 

Taraji Viva Glam lipstick + lipglass + Vino liner

Artist Couture x Jackie Aina : La Bronze

Today I want to share my thoughts on my package from Artist Couture! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Artist Couture is a small cosmetic brand known for their “Diamond Glow Powder”. I’ve heard a lot about them through watching many different YouTubers. Everyone seems to like their products. They are also a vegan and cruelty free brand. I have never purchased anything from them until now. After tons of videos and blog readings, I had to place an order to see if the hype is real. The shipping time was pretty standard for a California order because I reside in the Midwest. It was released 12/2 at noon and I received them 10 days later (12/12).

For the holidays Artist Couture collaborated with Jackie Aina for “Light Up The Night”. Jackie Aina is a popular YouTube beauty blogger. She does makeup reviews and tutorials on her channel and much more- subscribe to her channel @Jackie Aina. I am an avid watcher of Jackie. So, I decided to support her in this venture especially after seeing the lovely swatches of the product. Jackie Ania created her own signature diamond glow powder “La Bronze”. She describes it as a “true rose gold”. Unfortunately her collaboration sold out in 2 hours; however, I figured I’d still review it because it will available one last time December 30th.


The set includes a full sized diamond glow powder in Jackie Aina’s “La Bronze” and 4 travel sizes of her personal permanent favorites in “Illuminati”, “Conceited”, “Sugar Daddy”, and “Double Take”. This set retails for $49.99 and I think it is worth it because one full size is $26.99. No special packaging was created for this collaboration outside of the box that houses the powders. The powders come in jars with a shifter. I was nervous about getting powder everywhere so I lightly patted the container for product. When applying to the high points of my face; I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 brush. THIS POWDER IS EVERYTHING! It is the most pigmented powder of the land and it only takes a spec to illuminate your whole face. One swipe and I literally blinded myself. It was everything Jackie claimed and more. Jackie is of a deeper complexion than me. On me, I feel it gives more copper vibes; Nonetheless, La Bronze is to die for! I am actually sad that I only bought one. I will definitely get plenty of use out of this product. It can be used in an array of different ways. It can be used on the eyes, lips, and body. If you picked this set up please share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you did not get a chance to get your hands on it, let’s say a small prayer that it doesn’t sale out too quickly on the 30th. In the meantime shop Artist Couture’s permanent collection, it will not disappoint.

-XoXo B