ColourPop: No Filter Concealer

Hello Darlings! Although it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any new content; I’ve never stopped trying new products. I recently bought ColourPop’s new concealer and decided I’d share my thoughts. Honestly, I do not know what has come over me but I’ve been buying a lot of different concealers. I’ve repurchased some because the ones I had were beyond expired. While others were just on sale and seemed like a great buy. Needless to say this purchase was unnecessary but here we are.

ColourPop has been dropping a lot of bangers all summer long and this release was no exception. This concealer was in the works for about two years before it finally released. ColourPop claims it’s formulated with soft blurring pigments which brings it to it’s name “No Filter”. It comes in 15 shades which is a good start but there is still plenty room to expand. I struggled a bit finding the right shades for myself. I bought “Golden 40” and “Tan 50”. I typically only use concealer to highlight therefore, I’d need a lighter shade than my own skin tone. To select my shades I took a color match quiz on ColourPop’s website and I also viewed the pictures of swatches on the site too. Unfortunately, I ended up getting 2 concealers that were way too light- for my liking anyway. Nonetheless I worked with them.

Despite the concealer being extremely too light; I do actually like them. They are super lightweight and have a creamy consistency. I didn’t really notice any blurring effects but, I’ve only used them twice. I really do enjoy the wand because it’s super flexible. Also, it’s flat which comfortably allows me to reach all areas under my eyes unlike Shape Tape. This concealer retails for $6 and there is 4g of product in each container. Seriously I do not know how ColourPop creates phenomenal products at such a low cost. I definitely plan on buying more in deeper shades when they come back in stock- which happens to be today! ColourPop will be restocking these concealers along with the “Yes, Please” palette and several other hyped products at 10am PST. So if you are interested in anything of these products I suggest you exit this review and head over to their website now because I am sure items will sell out fast.  

Thank you so much for reading! Please comment below if you’ve tried these concealers yet and tell me your thoughts.

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ColourPop: Gimme More

Thank you sweet baby Jesus for restocks. I was not in the market for another highlighter palette but after seeing a few swatches I added it to my cart. This palette originally launched with the “Yes Please” eyeshadow palette-which is why I was on the site in the first place. Both palettes sold out in record time but they were restocked once more. Unfortunately, I did not get my hands on the eyeshadow palette. Nonetheless I got this gem and I am ready to share the deets.

I already own a highlighter or two from Colourpop but they are that wet, moussey texture that we know and love from them. This palette introduces six highlighters in a new pressed pan format. The palette is super compact and sleek. The six highlighter shades are housed in a white hard, magnetic cardboard case that reads “I Like Your Face”. The sleeve is a neon coral and honestly I like the packaging a lot! It screams fun which is always the vibe I get from ColourPop. The shade names are listed on the back of the palette versus being listed beneath each shade. It’s kinda a downsize for me but it’s the only con I have with this palette.

The shades selected for this highlighter palette reminds me so much of the ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit collaboration. Each pan holds 3.6 grams (0.13oz) of product. These pans are slightly smaller than the pans in Nicole’s Glow Kit; which holds 4.5 grams (0.16oz) of product in each pan. However Colourpop’s “Gimme More” palette retails for $18.00 and ABH’s glow kits retail for $40.

I instantly fell in love with “Full Service” at first glance but, after swatching them all; it’s “Bottomless” that has my heart. These highlighters are seriously pigmented and makes me wonder how ColourPop can achieve such greatness at such a low cost. They are not super glitterly but can come off a bit chunky. Although I only experienced chunkiness when swatching with my fingers. I used my handy dandy A23 brush to apply these to the high points of my face and everything was good. Since they are crazy pigmented I suggest you use a light hand and build it up to your liking.

This palette is still available on and you should buy it right now. There is definitely a highlighter shade for everyone in this palette. Also if you are interested in the “Yes, Please” eyeshadow palette it will be restocked July 27th at 10am PST for $16- I know I will be on the site trying my luck. Thank you so much for reading. Please comment down below your thoughts if you have this palette!

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SUMMER: Top 3 Highlighters

So you are probably wondering where is my beauty favorites post for June. Well, I do not have one! Honestly for the month of June I did more shopping for makeup rather than wearing it. A close friend of mines attended “The Makeup Show” in Chicago and bought me back over $200 worth of products; that I have yet to really dig into. With that being said I have no real favorites other than the products I shared last month and the products listed in my top summer favorites series.

I actually owe my readers (YOU) one more post to add to my top summer favorites series. I only wrote four and I promised five. So here I am ready to share my top 3 highlighters for summer. Typically in the summer I reach for more gold highlighters. I just think gold looks best on tanned skin. I am a huge fan of the bronzy, dewy looks that everyone craves during the summer. Without further ado; let’s begin!

Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder- Jackie Ania: La Bronze

This product was limited edition and since I bought no backups I am forced to use this sporadically. But, since summer has arrived it been something that I’ve reached for more than once. I have actually been layering it-not that I need to- with MAC’s lustre drops in “Bronze Hero”. The combo has literally been life changing! Not only do I place it on the high points of my face but on my shoulders as well. When wearing off the shoulder tops; it adds a beaming glow to my exposed skin. La Bronze is a nice rose gold shade that is perfect for summer. Because it comes in a powder form you can mix it in with a body oil for a radiant glow all over. I am deeply saddened by it being limited edition hopefully Jackie Ania will collaborate with Artist Couture again and we will get another magical product. I did write a full review on this product; feel free to read it next!

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator- Gilded Honey

I know this illuminator is like a cult favorite and I must admit I slept on it. I was definitely late getting my hands on it. I actually bought it in a set alongside “Balleria” and “Peach Glow”. I had never tried any of Laura’s illuminators before and figured this would be a great way to test more than one at a time. Gilded Honey is an absolute true gold. This highlighter would look great on anyone regardless of their complexion. It’s super pigmented with just one swipe but, for an intense glow it can be built up. Thank god this highlighter is permanent so, I can always go back for more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit- 143

I love every highlighter shade in this palette but, for summer it’s all about “143”! Of course it is another gold shade but it’s sorta bronzy. Definitely a deeper gold than Laura’s “Glided Honey”. I do not think it’s suitable for all complexions to wear as a highlighter. Fairer complexions may opt to wear it as a eyeshadow or on top of bronzer. Maybe even cocktail it with other highlighters in this palette. But, there are NO real rules in makeup so do you boo! On tan to deeper complexions this shade is a dream. Just like all of the other Glow Kits this highlighter is crazy pigmented. I apply it to all the high points of my face using the ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) A23 brush. I absolutely love using this brush for highlights. This palette is still available online at although it is limited edition. I suggest you add it to your cart! I did a full review on this palette as well. Feel free to real it next.

That completes my top 3 highlighters for summer. Please share down below in the comments your top highlighters for this season. Thank you so much for reading!

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SUMMER: Top 3 Prep and Set

I am back again to share another top 3. It is the fourth day of summer and today I’ll share my top prep and set products. By prep I mean primers and by set I mean setting sprays. During the summer months everyone sweats; whether you have oily or dry skin. So to ensure the longevity of your makeup you must prep and set. I personally have dry skin but after a day of running errands while being in and out of the sun these products save me!

BECCA: Backlight Priming Filter

I have been using this primer for months! I like having a subtle glow and this primer gives just that. It is simply amazing underneath BB Creams and makes your skin appear to be glowing from within. I reach for it when I want a more dewier look. It claims to blur imperfections but I haven’t noticed any of that. After hours of wear my makeup still looks amazing. I never produce enough oil to blot so that’s not something I am accustomed to doing. It retails for $38 which to me is quite pricey but, it’ll take forever to go through a full sized bottle.

Milani Prime Shield: Mattifying + Pore-Minimizing

Yes I have dry skin and yes I am use this mattifying primer! During the hotter days I do not set my overall face with powder because I feel like it’s too heavy. So having a mattifying primer pretty much sets my face for the day. I also have a Tarte foundation that is makes my skin uber dewy and this helps reduce the shine. If you are and oily girl I’d definitely say give this primer a go. It retails for $9.99.

MIlani: Make It Last Setting Spray

I searched high and low for this setting spray. It was always in and out of stock before I could get my hands on it. The bottle is also smaller than I thought it would be-it has 2.03oz of product. Which I guess the positive is it’s perfect size for traveling. This setting spray is absolutely amazing! It sets your makeup for life! It has a 16 hour claim which I have never tested out. But I worn it for 10 hours and my face didn’t budge one bit. It still looked the same as it did when I first applied it. It also claims to prime and correct. Not sure how true that is either. Alcohol is the second ingredient listed therefore, it took a lot of it to produce this spray. So I am hesitant to use this on my bare face as a primer. It retailed for 9.99 when I purchased it from CVS but, the price has increased a bit to $10.49.

This concludes my top 3 prep and set products for summer. Please comment down below some of your favorites.

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SUMMER: Top 3 Blushes

Hi there! It’s the 3rd day of summer and today I want to share my top 3 blushes for this season. Surprisingly many ladies may opt not wear blush period. I personally think it is important and completes the face. Call me crazy but, I’d trade in winged liner for blush any day-mainly because I cannot wing liner to save my life. This list was actually harder for me to create than I thought it would be. I had swatches up to me elbow but let’s begin.

Milani Powder Blush- Coral Cove (05)

Coral blush should be a staple in every girl’s makeup bag for summer. Coral is a color that everyone can wear; you just have to find the right shade of coral for you- like red lipstick. A coral could be best worn during the day for a subtle pop of color. This blush by Milani is totally affordable and would be a great way to try out a coral blush without breaking the bank.

MAC Cosmetics Sheertone Shimmer Blush- Peachtwist

This was the first blush I ever bought from MAC! I literally asked the sales girl which blush would be the perfect for me during the summer. She pull out several options and both agreed on this one after swatches. I think of this shade as being a neutral. Yes it’s a peachy shade but because ad shimmery you barely notice the peachiness once applied. I’d reach for this blush if I have a colorful eye look going on. Or if I have a bold lip that may contrast if I opted for a more pigmented blush.

BECCA Mineral Blush- Hyacinth

I ended up buy this blush in a split pan from a BECCA x Jaclyn Hill collaboration. It was the only duo that stuck out to me. I am not sure if this blush is sold on it’s own or if it was limited edition like the split pans. But recently QVC has started selling these split pans again so if you’re interested I’d suggest you head over there ASAP! This blush is the hottest pink ever! Normally, I’d stray away from these shades because I can end up looking like a clown really quick. But with a light hand this blush can give you a nice flushed cheek.

This completes my top 3 blushes for summer! Please like this post and leave a comment below of your favorite summer blushes.

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SUMMER: Top 3 Complexion Products

Hello there! it’s the second day of summer and I figured I’d would share my top complexion products for summer. During the summer months due to the heat many ladies gravitate to lightweight foundations. While others may or ditch foundations all together. I personally am a fan of BB creams! So through out the summer I will be reaching for a BB cream(beauty balm) or I will just wear my natural skin. I have been trying to get my hands on MAC Cosmetics “Next To Nothing” foundation but it’s always sold out in my shade. I must admit it sounds like the perfect thing for summer if you’re into BB Creams. Whenever I get my hands on it I will do a review for it so stay tuned for that. But without further ado let’s get into my top 3.

Smashbox- BB Water

I discovered this product last summer and I used it almost every time I sat down to do my makeup. Because it is liquidity like water it blends out like a dream and is super lightweight! Plus it has SPF of 30. Having some type of SPF in your complexion products its very important during the warmer months. Naturally everyone is getting more exposure to the sun during the summer because everyone is outdoors  more. You must protect your skin at all times. This BB cream gives minimal coverage but you can use a powder on top for added coverage. I use the shade dark.

Black Radiance- True Complexion BB Cream

After watching many YouTube videos I decided to give this product a shot and I am so glad that I did. First off this BB cream retails for $4.99 and I love it more than higher end BB creams. It’s a thicker consistency but remember it is a cream. You won’t have to use a lot because a little goes along way. It has a SPF of 15 which isn’t as much as the BB Water I mentioned previously but something is better than nothing. You can add wear a moisturizer with SPF for added protection during the day. I think the coverage is amazing but I also don’t have many blemishes to cover. I honestly think everyone should give this a try because of the price point. I ordered mines from But Black Radiance products can be found at several different retailers. I use the shade Café.

Tarte- Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Shape Tape is everyone’s holy grail at this point! I use this concealer to highlight under my eyes only but, I’ve seen a few people use this as foundation. It’s definitely full coverage concealer. It has no SPF but most concealers don’t. I will use this if I want to go all out. I do not believe shape tape is a everyday concealer but if you’re going on a night out. I use the shade “Tan Sand”.

This completes my top 3 complexion products for summer. Comment down below of your favorites. Thank you for reading!

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SUMMER: Top 3 Lipsticks

“Summer, summer, summertime”. Although we’ve been experiencing hot weather for weeks now; today is the first official day of summer! I figured I’d commence summer properly by sharing my beauty favorites for this season. For the first 5 days of summer I will share my top 3 beauty favorites from different categories. And since lipsticks are my favorite beauty product of all time; I think we should begin there.

MAC- Barbecue ($17.00)

Spring is now long gone and so are corals! It’s time to bring the heat of summer and transition from soft to hard core. “Barbecue” is a matte shade by MAC Cosmetics described as a vivid orange red. This shade puts is a twist on the classic red and it packs a punch. It’s not too red and it’s not too orange; definitely the perfect mix of the two colors. Once upon time this was a limited edition lipstick but, it’s back now in standard MAC packaging. I typically pair this lipstick with MAC’s  “Brick” lip liner for the perfect bold lip.

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Madison ($20.00)

This liquid lipstick is described as a vibrant plum magenta. This shade screams summer to me and if you are tan or of a deeper complexion you need this. It’s simply stunning! I do not need a liner with this shade either. But if you must have one I’d suggest MAC’s “Cyber World” or “Nightmoth” for a ombre effect. Also with it being a liquid lip you can wear this to the pool and worry about your lipstick smearing everywhere in the heat.

MAC- Pink Pigeon ($17.00)

It’s described as bright cleanest pink. This pink is bright but, it’s definitely warmer than “Candy Yum-Yum”-another MAC lipstick. which makes it perfect for the warmer months of the year. I pair “Vino” lip liner alongside this lipstick to make it more wearable but, you don’t have too.

This completes my top 3 lipsticks for summer. Please comment down below your top lipsticks for summer. Thank you for reading!

XoXo, B